7, June 2017

Baby Massage Basics

Hi, my name is Dianne Hughes and I love exploring new ways to care for my baby. One thing that I picked up that is quite useful and trendy is baby massages. Let me give you a short rundown on what you need to know about this relaxing method.

Like us adults, babies also enjoy wee massages filled with love and care. You just need to get the right pressure and stroke for them to fully enjoy their massaging session with you. Not only will they be relaxing their little bodies, but at the same time you and your little ones will have a new way of bonding with each other.

Another thing that you need to remember is that massaging your baby requires a soft circular, milking or pulling motion depending on the body part. Before you start you session, you need to have a towel and a baby lotion ready. Finally, make sure that the room temperature is just right for your baby. Not too cold and not too warm as well.

Arms and Legs

These areas are probably the most time I focus on when I do my massages. The reason for me is because the arms and the legs are the most active parts of the body. Massaging them helps my daughters’ extremities to relax. At the same time, it also aids in strengthening her muscles in preparation for crawling and walking.

  • Legs

Legs are the best practice area for massaging. The legs are far less sensitive as compared to the other parts of your baby’s body. This means that less movement will be made by you little one when you massage them.

Using a milking motion, massage your baby’s legs using your whole arm wrapping around it. Slowly make your way down by squeezing and pulling from the thighs to the ankles. Use one hand after another and continue to repeat this motion for both legs.

For the feet, you will have to use small downward pushing motions for both the soles. Start from the toes and make your way down to their heels. The gently rotate your child’s feet a few times as well. To sum up your leg massage, grab each toe and do a gentle pulling motion using your pointer finger and your thumb. Make your way from the base of the toes all the way up until you release it.

  • Arms

Similar to what you did to the legs, use a milking motion for your arms. Start from your baby’s armpit and finish one your reach their wrists. Do this several time as well. Also, alternately massage the left and right arm during the whole process.

Second thing to do is to focus on your baby’s hand and slowly rotate it several time. Do this for both of their hands. Afterwards, you can now massage your baby’s palm by using a soft circular motion. Once the two palms are done end this massage with the fingertips.

We will do the similar method with what we did with the toes. We use a soft pulling motion for each fingers for both hands. Start with the base of the finger and work your way up until you release the finger.

Front and Back

These are the two largest parts of your baby’s body. Of course, before you start massaging this area, you need to remove your baby’s diaper first. There will be different methods of baby massages for both the front and the back area.

  • Front

Start the front massage by placing your hands directly above your child’s chest. Find the center of the chest and start massaging it using soft, outward strokes. Make sure that your arms are slightly flatten and that you repeat the massage several times.

As for the stomach area, you will be using the downward strokes. Start by gently placing one of your hand on top of your baby’s chest. Slightly flatten your arm so that you can give a leveled massage force. Make a downward stroke all the way to your baby’s thigs. Do this massage several times as well.

  • Back

Your final stop in your massage bonding session with your baby is their back. Turn your baby around and place them in their “tummy time” positions. With a downward motion use circular massages on either side of your baby’s spine using your fingers. Start from the neck and end on their buttocks.

The last massage you will do is a long downward stroke on the back. Start with the shoulders and work your way all the way down to their feet. Once done, place back their diaper and dress them up.

After massaging I suggest you feed your baby and cuddle them. With a relaxed body, a full stomach and a mother’s warms, they will surely arrive in dreamland in no time.



  1. AUTHORStacy

    on 06/18/2017 at 11:14 AM - Reply

    Hi Dianne, thanks for this great article plus video. I find it very helpful, it gives a good overview about how to massage babies. Greetings, Stacy

    • AUTHORDianne

      on 06/26/2017 at 9:51 AM - Reply

      Thanks for your kind words Stacy. Yes, my goal was to give evrybody a good basic knowledge.

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