15, June 2017

The Best Baby Massage Oil Available in the Market

If you are planning to start a “mommy-baby-massage-bonding” time then you better be well equipped for it. You should have warm hands, a towel and a freshly bathed baby. But the most important of all is the baby oil that you will be using for you massage session.

Having this type of bonding can greatly increase your child’s muscle development. It is also another fun and unique way of showing your love for your little ones. So better prepare a prefect massage each session you make.

Before Your Start Your Massage

  • Climate and Room Temperature

Choosing the best baby massage oil has many factors to consider. You should think of the climate and temperature that you and your baby are currently experiencing. Take note that some oils may give a warm sensation and some a cold feeling.

It’s a good idea to stock several variations of massage oils so that you can alternately use it. You would not need to worry that it can cause too much warmth or coldness when applied to your baby.

  • Allergies

Another think to take into consideration is that your baby’s skin is highly sensitive. Sometimes they get rashes or even sweat excessively due to a reaction from oils. The best way to test each oil is to first buy just a small amount of it.

Next is to put a small amount of in on your baby’s leg or arm to test it. Wait a few minutes for any allergic reactions like redness, rashes, itchiness and the likes. Also take note if your baby gets fussy due to the application of the oil. This means that they feel something uncomfortable and they are irritated by it.

  • Your Baby’s Skin Type

Like adults, babies also have several skin types. The most common is the dry and sensitive skins. Of course, if your baby has skin issues then you should pay a closer attention to what type of massage oil you will be using.

Since your baby’s skin requires a certain type of oil, you need to take extra precaution so as not to alleviate more irritation. Do the same method for testing massage oil allergies with skin type problems.

Best Baby Massage Oils

Truth be told, there are hundreds among hundreds of massage oils out in the market. This will eventually confuse your more when you plan to buy the right massage oil for your baby. But rest assured, you just need to know the abovementioned factors to pick the correct one. Here are some baby safe and high quality massage oils to choose from.

Organic baby oils are probably the safest and most versatile massage oils in the market. It has lesser chances of having an allergic effect on your baby’s skin. It also have a wide variety of choices to choose from when climate changes from winter, spring, summer or fall.

Some examples include Sesame oils, Chamomile Oil, Almond Oil and many more. Each oil has its own unique function. It is also made specifically to address particular issues during massages. For example, Tea tree oil is highly recommended for babies with skin allergies. Another example is that the Chamomile oil is used for treating sensitive skin.

Some example of organic massage oil brands are the “Burt’s Bees Baby,” “GAIA” and “NOW foods.” They also have a wide variety of organic oils to choose from base on your preference and need. If you decide to choose a much well know band then “Johnson and Johnson” also has a section or different baby massage oils for you.

Final tip that I can give is to buy a non- alcoholic, non-scented and all organic massage oil. These are the type of oils that can be safely used and would give minimal to no allergic reactions or skin irritations. Keep these thoughts in mind when you shop for the best baby massage oil for you and your little ones.


  1. AUTHORCarl

    on 06/24/2017 at 6:57 PM - Reply

    Good tips Dianne. Especially that you mentioned that babies have different skin types. Often ignored…

    • AUTHORDianne

      on 06/26/2017 at 9:48 AM - Reply

      Thanks Carl, yes, definitely often overlooked…

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