19, June 2017

A Must Have Baby Gear List for New Moms

Having a newborn baby means having an arsenal off baby items that you need to buy. These can range from simple baby bottles to convertible cribs. But you need to keep in mind to purchase only the necessary products. Because, admit it, buying baby things is so addictive. I for one was a victim of it when I gave birth to my daughter.

Like how you differentiate your “needs” from “wants,” you baby’s things must also follow the same principle. Do not be too overwhelmed with the numerous products out in the market. Just take into consideration these two reminders that I will give. The first is that your baby will grow fast physically during the first few years or their lives. The second is to buy an item that can serve you and your child for a long time. So buy a “baby gear” that is long lasting and versatile.

What Your Baby NEEDS

First thing’s first when you buy for your baby. You need to provide them with the essentials. For the meantime, refrain for buying other non-essential products such as strollers and carriers.

  • Clothes

Clothes are your top priority when buying for the first time. This include baby clothes, mittens, booties, crib linens and the likes. Make sure that you buy clothes that are a bit bigger that your baby. Trust me when I say that if you buy the exact size, they will outgrow it in just a few weeks.

Another tip that I can give you is to buy white colored clothing. This way you can easily see if your child has vomited, peed or even has bleeding. It is also a unisex color that you can reuse for your next pregnancy. Just make sure to care for them properly and store them neatly for future use.

For me, I saved a considerable amount of money on my daughter’s clothes. My mom was able to preserve our old baby clothes and it’s almost as good as new when I used it for my baby. Thankfully, most of the clothing were white, so it was perfect for my baby.

  • Bottles

Choose a feeding bottle that is BPA free and anti-colic at the same time. Some good brands are “Medela,” “Avent” and my all-time favorite “Dr. Browns.” I chose “Dr. Browns,” because it is cheaper but has the same function as the other two bottle brands.

  • Diapers

With regards in choosing the right diaper for your baby, the only thing that I can advise is to TEST, TEST and TEST. Buy diapers in small amounts and check if the size fits snugly on your baby. Another thing to look out for is if your child has an allergic reaction to the diaper’s material.

  • Crib

Cribs are one of the most expensive baby gear that you will buy. So make sure you will get your money’s worth out of it. In order to do so, you need to research and compare different brands. Also take note of a crib’s features.

Since nowadays 4-in-1 convertible cribs are a thing, it is a huge money saver. Having that particular function can assure that you child will be using it up until they are teens. So make sure that it is durable, baby safe and stylish as well.

Some good quality cribs out in the market are the “DaVinci,” “Stork” and my personal choice “Graco.” Now, the Graco brand may not be as stylish or as versatile as the first two but it can offer almost the same functions. The reason I bought this is because I don’t think that my daughter would want her crib as her teen bed when she grows up. She would probably force me to buy her an “adult” be instead.

  • Cleaning Materials

Cleaning material includes liquid bottle cleaners, fabric conditioners, sterilizers basically anything that is used to clean your child’s things. There are several products that you can choose from. Just make sure that it is baby friendly, BPA free and, if possible, all organic.

  • Baby Hygine

This is where your baby’s soap, shampoo, tub, baby wipes, lotions and other hygiene related items step in. There is also a wide variety of organic hygiene items out in the market. But make sure to check it first before you purchase a considerable amount of it. Some well-known brands include “Dr. Bronners,” “Earth Mama Angel’ and “Organic Baby.”

What You WANT for Your Baby

Now that you have completed the “baby needs” list and you still have some funds to spare, you can take a gander at other baby gear that you can use. These items can be bought latter on when you baby is big enough or you can buy it right now and save yourself form shopping in the future.

  • Baby Carrier

Baby carriers are most effective to use when your baby already has enough back and neck strength to support themselves. If your baby is still a few months old, this item is not advisable to use.

First is because it can be more of a health hazard than help. Another is that the size your newborn is too small for the size of the carrier. They can easily slip through the holes of the carried and might fall.

Once your baby is already big and strong enough, that’s the time you can put them in a carrier. Some good quality carrier must also be versatile and functional. Meaning, it has a multifunction design that is ergonomic and baby safe. Some brands to check out for are the “LILLIEBaby Carrier,” “Ergobaby”, and the “Bebamour Baby Carrier.”

  • Baby Stroller

Baby strollers are also a good product to buy. Most of these strollers also have multifunction to accommodate newborns all the way up to the age of five years. A stroller can probably be the second must buy after a crib on your shopping list.

If you want a stroller that is safe, durable and versatile they you can check out strollers made by “Graco,” “Baby Jogger” and “UPPABaby.” These products does not only offer its ergonomic function but trendy and stylish designs as well.

  • Car Seat

If your family enjoys traveling and going out, then buying a car seat is as important as buying a crib. It is also mandated to have a car seat present whenever you are travelling with your baby. So best to buy this as well. Some well-known car seat includes “Graco,” “Combi” and “GB Asana.”

Now that you have an idea of what to prioritize to buy, you can now make your own list of what baby gears to buy. Of course, it will still depend on your overall decision. Just keep in mind your child’s needs, your family’s lifestyle and finally you baby’s safety.

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