Baby Massage

15, June 2017

The Best Baby Massage Oil Available in the Market

If you are planning to start a “mommy-baby-massage-bonding” time then you better be well equipped for it. You should have warm hands, a towel and a freshly bathed baby. But the most important of all is the baby oil that you will be using for you massage session. Having this type of bonding can greatlyRead More …

12, June 2017

How to Differentiate Altered Baby Body Temperature

One of the most important thing to master as a parent is how to properly check your baby’s body temperature. As their very first health care provider, we need to know everything there is when it comes to the proper body temperature for them. We need to know the basics of baby temperature and howRead More …

7, June 2017

Baby Massage Basics

Hi, my name is Dianne Hughes and I love exploring new ways to care for my baby. One thing that I picked up that is quite useful and trendy is baby massages. Let me give you a short rundown on what you need to know about this relaxing method. Like us adults, babies also enjoyRead More …